Peer Review: Savannah Swatske (Update)

Today’s post is going to be another blog review, and this one is for Savannah Swatske who does lifestyle and wellness posts. If you’ve been following this blog, you might remember that I reviewed Savannah’s blog back in October, (view that post here) so this is a really exciting post for me because I can see how things have changed since then, as well as how this blog has developed into more of a professional space. Let’s get started!

Savannah was always really great at promoting her brand, but now I’ve noticed it’s really become even more prominent on the blog, and the other social media sites she speaks about are really well developed. She links out to her Pinterest (I absolutely adore that Dark Academia board!), Instagram, Youtube, and even Spotify account, which all help promote her brand and find people from all different platforms, rather than just the blog itself. It’s also really helpful that she includes little previews of these platforms, so that people can see beforehand what they are like.

What adds to the brand the most is the Youtube, in my opinion. I find that when people are into lifestyle-type blogs and things, they are more than often also watching the equivalent in Youtube videos. Reviewing the blog this time around, I was really glad to see the Youtube page up and running with more posts, and after watching some videos, I think she displays the same fun, life-loving, relatable Savannah as the Savannah who writes the blog posts. Also, the music that accompanies the Youtube videos really add a nice touch to them!

I notice Savannah also shares a lot about who influences what she does in her posts, such as Emma Chamberlain and Margot Lee. While you can see that influence, you can tell even more that the blog and Youtube channel belong to Savannah, and she is really herself in these spaces. I love the silly sound affects she adds to her videos, and that she tells her viewers when an exam didn’t go so well, or her day was bad and she needed a good drink; this makes her all the more relatable.

She is also very open and honest in her posts, which I’m sure a lot of readers appreciate, because I definitely do. There is one in particular that I think is really great: “Overcoming My Fears.” This is a really important post, because while many of her other posts and Youtube videos feature a fun and happy Savannah, posts like these help to connect her viewers and readers, since they address very personal struggles that a lot of other people can relate to as well.

The last thing I’ll mention is that one of my favourite features of this blog is the Spotify widget on Savannah’s sidebar (it inspired me to add one as well!). Not only does this give readers more insight into her personality and interests, but it also keeps them on her page. If they play her playlist while on her blog and find that they like it, I think it will encourage them to stay on her site longer, and navigate this blog with her music playing in the background.

I’m glad to have reviewed this blog again, and I think it’s really come a long way!

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