The TikTok Making Process

Recently I made a TikTok with Victoria from Procrastireader, and it was quite the process. We were inspired to make a TikTok because of BookTok, which is much like Booktube, a space for book lovers to unite, but in this case on the TikTok platform. There were so many fun book trends on there that Victoria and I wanted to give a try, so we decided to make a TikTok which featured us making outfits based off on book covers/worlds.

Let me tell you what happened: Plates were broken, wine was spilled on the ceiling (don’t ask how), pizza was consumed, laughs and screams were heard far and wide, books were damaged (shoutout to Victoria for sitting on my immaculate copy of Ari and Dante), and I think even tears were shed at one point because my phone died when we were almost done filming. Our main issue came from the fact that neither one of us could figure out how to properly do transitions from scene to another, and we kept switching outfits only to have to go back and re-film something. The process literally took about 5 hours (this included a quick trip to the library).

In the end I think we were definitely able to navigate some of the functions of TikTok a bit better, but it still turned out a bit funny. I’m okay with that because I just want this blog to be a space which promotes having fun with books, and that means sometimes you don’t end up with a perfect finished product!

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