Peer Review Reaction

Recently my blog was reviewed by Savannah Swatske (you can view the post here). This post will be my thoughts on this, as well as some actions I’ve taken after reading the post.

I appreciate the comment about the animation at the top of my blog – I really enjoyed making this and I did attempt to make it “fairytale-esque” as Savannah mentioned, so that was really nice to hear!

Savannah suggested I remove the “About” section from underneath my recent posts because it doesn’t really draw attention to it, and people may look at other content instead. I actually really loved this suggestion, and I have changed the setup of my homepage so that it does not include the “About” section, as I gave it its own spot. I am much happier with the setup now, and I think it draws attention to the right spots.

Another suggestion was to make the header animation at the top of my page smaller because of the white space. I actually have not done this because I created the animation on Canva and I am not able to edit it without recreating it. I’m not sure if I will do this, because I’m really happy with how the animation turned out and I’m not sure if I’d be able to recreate it. For now, I don’t mind the white space too much, but I will consider fixing this as well.

I also really liked the idea to add a sign-off to my posts, as I see Savannah does this as well and it’s a really nice touch to her posts! I’m not sure if I want to add this to all of my posts yet, but I have gone ahead and added it to my “About” page and my “Contact” page.

Thank you Savannah for reviewing my page – I think you had some really great ideas which have helped me a lot!

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