Peer Review #2 Reaction

My blog was once again reviewed, this time by Jackie Liao. This post will include my thoughts on this, as well as some actions taken after reading the review.

First of all I want to say I really appreciate what Jackie wrote in the review, as it reassured me and made me feel that my blog is giving off the vibe that I’m intending. Jackie described my blog as having an “ethereal and fairy-like ambience”, which is exactly what as was going for, so I was really happy to read that!

Once thing I have changed after reading this is I have added a “Home” button to my menu, because Jackie explained that viewers do not instinctively know to click the title in the header to be redirected to the homepage. I agree with this 100%, and I’m glad Jackie brought this up because I honestly didn’t really think about that before, but it makes total sense. I think my website flows a lot better with this “Home” button and it’s now a lot easier for viewers to navigate the site.

Jackie also expressed that the header contains “Musings of a Middle Child: Book Reviews and More!” twice super close to each other, which can seem repetitive. I agree with this as well, but I haven’t taken actions to fix this yet, because I’m still contemplating what change I should make to improve this, but I think this is also a very valid critique.

Thank you so much for the review Jackie, it was super helpful and sweet!

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