Let’s Talk about Audience

Lately I’ve been thinking about who my audience might be right now, and who I would like to be a part of that audience. Of course my first thought goes to my peers from my PUB 101 course, however I’m starting to see evidence that my efforts to bring readers in from Goodreads is working.

I’ve been posting a status update on Goodreads every time I make a new blog post, and I’m starting to see spikes in my blog’s pageviews when I do this. For example, after I posted “Books I’m Most Looking Forward to!” and let my Goodreads friends know, my views went up by 14. I’ve also noticed that Canada is no longer the only place where people have viewed my blog from, which also shows that maybe more people are reaching my blog from Goodreads as well.

When I write my posts, I imagine I’m talking to other bibliophiles, and because my posts are not spoiler-free, I also imagine I’m talking to readers who have read similar books as me. I insert gifs in many of my posts, because us Goodreads users love to do that, and it makes my posts feel more fun and inviting.

I also speak very casually and emotionally because I want this blog to feel like a conversation between book lovers, where we can share our true thoughts and feelings about books without having to be formal about it.

I’m excited to continue to grow my audience!

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