Learning Online

I’ve definitely noticed a change in my enthusiasm about school since it moved online back in March. Even with classes I genuinely enjoy, I don’t have the same drive to do work, attend lectures, participate, etc. I have found myself to be quite tuned out in lectures, and having a harder time retaining information as well.

With this class in particular, I have still really enjoyed writing blog posts and learning about how I present myself online. Throughout this course, I have been looking at my peers’ blogs quite often, and it’s super interesting to see what everyone is creating, and what they are interested in. However, I really would have loved this class even more in person, because you really get to make connections with other students. I am much more willing to speak to someone in my tutorial if it’s in person, and it would have been helpful to actually chat with people about their blogs. I know I could technically still do this through zoom, but online it just feels weird. In an in-person tutorial, I could definitely start a conversation with someone, but it’s pretty anxiety-inducing for me personally to call attention to myself by speaking on zoom just to compliment someone’s blog.

Overall, online school has honestly made me feel exhausted. I now wake up about 5 minutes before lecture – sorry to my profs but this is why I don’t put my camera on – and can barely focus in class. It’s really hard for me already to sit still in class in-person, but at home it’s even harder with all the distractions – especially in my classes that are 4 hours long. I don’t really have a quiet space in my house, which is always full and loud, and I can’t go study at the library anymore.

It has definitely been interesting to do school online, and there are some parts I enjoy of course, like being comfortable and in pyjamas during lecture, but I truly can’t wait to go back to school.

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