Google Analytics

This past week I learned a bit more about how to use Google Analytics. At first, I was super impressed and intrigued by all the information that Analytics gave me about people viewing my site, as well as some site statistics. It was interesting to learn the different places that viewers reach my blog from: Canada (the most by far), US, Finland, India, China, Russian Federation (that one scared me a little). This made me a bit hopeful that my efforts to reach readers through Goodreads was working, since I have friends on there from all over the world.

I also learned that I have the most readers around 2-4pm, so it might be helpful to start posting around those times. Also, it was interesting to learn that more and more readers are viewing my blog from mobile devices, so I probably need to start paying more attention towards what my blog looks like from a mobile perspective.

I have noticed my bounce rate is steadily rising also. I’m going to have to do some thinking about this one, because in each post I always put links to my other posts, and my blog features a “Similar Posts” section. I’m not sure how else to get people to stay on my site longer, but it’s definitely something I have to work on.

On the flip side, it doesn’t really sit well with me that I have access to all this information, because then what do big companies and platforms have access to about viewers? I touched a bit on this concern in my essay, but I find it really scary that companies can have all this information about people and their whereabouts, passwords, and other information. Of course Google Analytics is helpful, but it still is strange to me to have access to this.

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