Community Guidelines

This blog was made to bring readers together to talk about books, to build connections and friendships, to give people a space to share their opinions on books, to engage new readers, and to add to the lovely community of book bloggers.

I have allowed comments on this site because I do promote honesty when it comes to book opinions, and I want people to be able to share their thoughts with others. However, this in no way condones hateful comments of any kind towards anyone, as this blog is a safe space for all.

Everyone is going to have different opinions, so if you want to disagree, please do so respectfully, and remember there is a person behind the screen, and what you write does affect them. Do not – in any way – bully anyone or make prejudiced remarks or comments towards another person.

Treat people with kindness.

By commenting on this blog, I will take that as you agreeing to these guidelines. Depending on the severity of the comment, I will either respectfully warn the person, or remove their comment and no longer allow them to interact on this page.

Thank you!

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