Peer Review: Jackie Liao

Today’s post is going to be a blog review of Jackie Liao at, and once again this will be formatted in a way that directly speaks to Jackie. 

Hi Jackie! It is clear your blog is an art blog immediately upon first visiting the page. The art on the homepage is beautiful and super eye-catching, and I like the use of the button on the art which immediately directs me to your gallery. It seems like this gallery is going to be the main component of your blog, but for now it only contains one piece of art – the same as the one on the top of the homepage – so it would be nice to see some more art there as your art is amazing! 

I think that the theme you use is perfect for an art blog, as it doesn’t show posts, but rather allows you to have a gallery for your work. The fonts you use are consistent and suit your blog as well, and I love how the homepage scrolls from a white to yellow with an ombre effect. The site is very easy to navigate, as all of the content for the blog can be found on the homepage  – save for the PUB 101 content which has its own space. 

Something that might detract from this aesthetic is the bottom of the homepage. It contains areas entitled “Follow me on social”,  “What my clients have to say”, “Some brands I’ve worked with”, and “Get in touch!”. Each of these have not yet been altered or customized to reflect your blog, and feature some blank spaces, empty links, or “click to edit” content. I would suggest editing these to contain some links to your social media or other platforms you use, so that you give viewers more ways to see your content. If this isn’t something you want to do, you could also add a contact page, and find another way to customize the bottom of the homepage.

As for the PUB 101 area, it is very clean and put-together with the black and white theme. Again, the font works really well, and all your posts are easy to find. I think it would also be nice to add some widgets to the sidebar below the categories, like a mini about me, some social media links, or some art. 

I had one problem with the menu once I reached the PUB 101 side of the blog, as it menu no longer worked. What I mean is when I am looking at your process posts for example, and I want to return to the homepage or gallery, clicking the menu doesn’t redirect me there – it does nothing, so I’m not sure if something is wrong on my end or not but it’s worth looking into. *I’ve inserted a screenshot of this where you can see on the top bar that I have clicked the page and have not been redirected*

Overall, I think you’re a really talented artist and I’m glad to have viewed your blog. Can’t wait to see more art from you!

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