Peer Review: Alex (Fairything)

Today’s post is going to be yet another peer review, this time for Alex, AKA Fairything.

Let me start by saying I love the purple theme that’s going on, and it goes really well with the picture of yourself you use on your homepage – it radiates such a cool vibe. I love the about page, especially how you say “If you’ve read this whole page, we’re friends now”, as I think that’s a nice way to make your readers feel welcome. However, I think it might be a good idea to make your homepage and about page different. Maybe you could add a carousel of posts or recent works on your homepage, and have your about page on its own. You could also add a mini about me on the sidebar of your blog, so that it follows readers to whichever post or page they click on.

I love the titles of your posts, and I think they’re really funny and attention-grabbing. After reading your posts, I realized your writing style is overall like this as well, and I found your posts to be really relatable and enjoyable to read! I also really liked how they each had a tip, trial, and recommendation, and it seems like you genuinely have a lot of fun with your posts which I think will definitely keep your audience coming back.

Some of my favourites posts were “A Bookish, Bookish Blog Entry“, “Mini Assignment 2: Writing as a Fictional Character“, and “Alex and Fairything: A Tale of Two Selves“. I think it’s really amazing that you’re writing a novel and have made playlists for your characters – what an exciting process!

I think that it’s great for marketability that you included a link to your Instagram, portfolio, and resume, because it gives people more information about what you do, and more ways to get connected with you. You have a lot of valuable experience, and seem really talented in various areas of art that can attract a wide audience.

The only thing I would really say as critique in terms of marketability is that sometimes it seems as though your blog is going off into too many directions and ideas, though you do address your many interests a bit in your “Hello, is this thing on?” post. In some ways this is a good thing, because you’re able to appeal to people with a wide range of interests, but it can be a little confusing in regards to what exactly your blog is focusing on. Your about page gives me the idea that your blog is about art, though it doesn’t specify what kind of art, so maybe you can say a little bit more about that.

Alex you seem like a super cool person, and I’m glad to have reviewed your blog and seen some of your work!

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