Peer Review: Savannah Swatske

Hello everyone, today I will be posting a different kind of review – a blog review. This blog review is going to be for Savannah Swatske – or Savannah Lynn – over at, who posts lifestyle, travel, and health and wellness posts on her blog. I will be formatting this post in a way that directly speaks to Savannah.

For starters, I really love the overall design of your home page; the cream and blue colours work really nicely together, and the font you chose also creates an overall aesthetically pleasing affect. The images you chose for each of your posts also add to this affect, as they all match together really well! Your blog is also really easy to look through, and each post is easily accessible in its designated category.

One thing I initially thought you could do is add something to the sidebar such as a search function, or maybe include a “related posts” section for after someone is done reading a post so that they can continue to look through your blog.

Onto the writing: I love your writing style, and I find it to be really personable and relatable – like you’re having a casual conversation with your readers. Your posts are fun to read, and I have to say that the overnight oats recipe sounds delicious!

As for the academic postings, I would suggest making the process posts a little bit longer and in detail, and I might suggest deleting or saving a draft of the stranger post for now until you add content for it. I really like your Hulk post, but maybe you can make it more clear that this post is being taken over by Hulk, because I didn’t quite know who was the guest until the end. If you want, you could do something like you and the Hulk writing your workout routine together, and he keeps interrupting you with suggestions to do more reps or something – but it is completely up to you!

I love the Instagram widget you included at the bottom of your page, and I think it is the perfect touch to your blog! I like that you also included a button so that someone can easily follow your Instagram directly from your blog. Your Instagram pictures are just as professional looking as the other images you feature on your page, so I think that consistency is really great as well. I would suggest adding some of these pictures – or different ones – to your about me page as well, because your blog seems to feature a lot of photography, so adding some to your about page might make it more visually pleasing.

I also checked out your Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts as well, which are really well put together, and a great way to attract more readers/viewers to your social media platforms.

One last thing I will mention is the contact page, which highlights a lot of ways that people can reach you. The variety of options are really great, as it gives more room for people to connect with you across several platforms. I would just suggest making them clickable links to make them more easily accessible!

Glad to have viewed your blog!


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