Ronan Lynch Does my Reading Update

Okay so hi I’m Ronan and what, as the kids say, the fuck am I doing here? Some other dude should be writing this “superhero” post…I’m the guy who skips class, looks like a mess, could give a shit about people, and I bring all sorts of crazy things out of my dreams which cause 99.9% of everyone’s problems. But anyways here am I to tell you about this blogger’s most splendid and exciting – you can’t tell but I’m rolling my eyes – re-reading update of The Raven Boys. Oh and also I’m the main character in this book – fight me, Sargento.

So right the first little bit is just some random shit about Sargento and her mom and St. Mark’s Eve – it’s nothing important so we’ll just skip right over that. Okay next Gansey shows up – who I thought was dead in a ditch all that morning when he didn’t show up at school, so obviously I didn’t take notes for him…what kind of question is that? And then he’s all like “come get me and bring this and this and blah blah blah”, and I’m like fuck no man. But two mins later I grab Ada—Parrish and we go get him.

I wish that was end of story, but then Gansey starts going on and on about this weird noise he caught on his tape recorder, which actually was pretty fucking unsettling. The thing recorded his voice on the tape, even though Gansey swears that he didn’t talk all night.

Anyways wish I could say more but my dick brother Declan is on my ass right now about doing some other shit so bye.

Oh wait I’m supposed to say that she likes reading about us. Okay bye.

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